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Employment Law Galway

employment lawConcannon Solicitors can advise clients on a wide range of Employer/Employee matters.

These include unfair dismissals, bullying and/or harassment in the workplace, pay disputes, unfair terms and conditions within the workplace, transfer of undertakings involving employees and updating clients on changes in legislation and compliance.

We have the necessary experience and knowledge to advise our clients in relation to any employment issues. We can represent clients before the Employment Appeals Tribunal, Labour Relations Commission, the Equality Agencies and the Courts.

Concannon Solicitors charge very reasonable fees for the following services of € (Please contact the Office for a complete quote) plus VAT & Outlays.

For the Employee client

  1. Bullying and harassment at work
  2. Disciplinary and Grievance procedures
  3. Unfair Dismissals claims
  4. Redundancy issues
  5. Employment Contracts
  6. Employment Handbooks
  7. Equal Employment Opportunities
  8. Independent Contractor Agreements
  9. Termination of Employment Contracts
  10. Work related stress issues

For the Employer client

  1. Avoiding and managing risk
  2. Bullying and harassment at work
  3. Confidentiality Agreements
  4. Disciplinary and Grievance procedures
  5. Unfair Dismissals
  6. Redundancy issues
  7. Employment Contracts
  8. Employment Handbooks
  9. Equal Employment Opportunities
  10. Human Resource procedures
  11. Independent Contractor Agreements
  12. Reviewing Employment policies
  13. Statutory obligations
  14. Termination of Employment Contracts
  15. Transfer of Undertaking
  16. Work-related stress issues


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