Family Law Galway

Family LawAt Concannon Solicitors, we can advise on all aspects of family law in Galway, including the following matters:

  • Judicial Separation/Divorce (see fees for Non Contested Divorce below)
  • Financial matters arising from Judicial Separation/Divorce
  • Separation Agreements
  • Pre-nuptial & co-habitation agreements
  • Property disputes between co-habitees
  • Custody /access to children
  • Maintenance disputes

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE – FIXED FEE of €(Please contact the Office for a complete quote)- (plus VAT)

If you are not in dispute with your estranged spouse and you simply wish to formalise your Divorce -In those circumstances, Concannon Solicitors will offer you a FIXED FEE from € (Please contact the Office for a complete quote) - (plus VAT).

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