Re - Mortgaging

mortgagesRe-Mortgage your house with Concannon Solicitors for as little as € 1,250 (plus VAT) & Outlays

Remortgaging-How Much Does It Cost?
As well as the solicitor fee, there are a number of fees to be paid to third parties.

The usual fees are the following;

(i) Property Registration Authority

A fee will be payable to the Property Registration Authority to update your records after you re-mortgage. The cost of this is normally €175.

(ii) Law Searchers Fees

It is necessary to carry out law searches on the day the new mortgage issues. These searches must be carried out by a firm of bonded Law Searchers. The cost of this is normally €125 or less.

(iii) Commissioner for Oath fees

It will be necessary have several Statutory Declarations relating to the Family Home sworn before a third party solicitor. The cost of this is €30.

(iv) Miscellaneous Outlays

(Postage, Stationary & Telephone) € 75 (incl. of VAT)

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